Food Processing

Advantages for Food Processors

Agriculture has a rich and fruitful tradition in Imperial Valley.  

Today, the region is the location of food processing companies from all over the world that recognize the advantages of locating here.

  • Wide variety of grown crops

  • Central location to major southwest markets

  • Publicly owned water and energy delivered at an affordable cost

  • Availability of an affordable workforce

  • Access to three international ports

  • Available land zoned for agricultural and commercial use

Spreckels Sugar, sugar beet processing plant in Brawley

Top Commodities
  1. Cattle

  2. Alfalfa Hay

  3. Leaf Lettuce

  4. Sweet Corn

  5. Bermuda

  6. Romaine Lettuce

  7. Carrots

  8. Sugar Beets

  9. Head Lettuce

  10. Broccoli